Motivation in Foreign Language Learning

In the training called ‘Motivation in Foreign Language Learning’, organized by our school, the students were informed about the importance of knowing a foreign language.

The students of our school showed great interest in the training that was held at the Ağdacı Campus Conference Hall. İsmail Sezgin, the representative of Oxford University Press has emphasized that English is used as a common or official language in 73 countries.

Sezgin emphasized that students should be able to speak English so that they can have a social life and a good career. And, he added “80 percent of all worldwide mail, faxes and phone calls are in English. Around 1 million adults and 52 million students attend English classes in many parts of the world. English is a common language of trade, science, diplomacy, international communication, aviation, maritime and internet. Therefore, we must learn English as a necessity of our time”.

Sezgin said that 87 percent of the information produced in the world is in English. “87 percent of this information is in English. 86 percent of the billions of gigabytes of information on the Internet is English. As a result of all this, there is a need for qualified manpower speaking English in many areas. The need for qualified manpower has increased the desire to learn English in our country. That is why English education has become a necessity in today's conditions.”
The training ended after mutual questions and answers were received.
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