Message from the Director

Assistant Prof. Dr. Burcu ŞENTÜRK
Director of the School of Foreign Languages

Dear Students,

You are now a member of Bartın University as a result of your success in university entrance exam and your choice. I would like to sincerely congratulate you for choosing our university and stepping into a successful future. We are happy to be with you as the academic and administrative staff of the School of Foreign Languages.  
Today, the most important objective of education is to serve individuals to be a world citizen. Being a world citizen means having “intercultural” skills and in other words, being tolerant and respectful to other cultures and individuals. The most important aim of our School is to equip our students with English language skills necessary in international higher education and to prepare them to their professional life. With an innovative vision, wide perspective and dynamic teaching staff our School adopts a student-centred approach and works on offering a foreign language education to its students that will meet the requirements of modern age (eg. knowing about different cultures, introducing their own culture or having digital skills and following the developments around the world as well as following foreign publications and contributing to science).

I would like to highlight the importance of foreign language skills and growing necessity for well-equipped highly skilled individuals in our globalizing world and emphasize the importance of benefiting from the educational opportunities offered to you in our School. Finally, I wish you a successful academic year.