An educational policy within the scope of international external evaluation criteria is implemented in order to reach its strategic goals determined in Bartin University School of Foreign Languages courses, teaching methods, training of the staff, and evaluation of the staff and student performance, assessment methods and resources in relation to mission, vision and basic values. Our quality policy is to ensure that the academic needs of each student are met and that the results are oriented to the goals of the school.
To provide quality education and to ensure that our school is in full compliance with international standards in foreign language teaching, our school performs applications for students’ needs as well as sustainable evaluation studies.
Our policy is to improve our students’ language awareness and knowledge by providing them with English education with high quality and to provide English competence which is necessary for their departments.
Bartın University School of Foreign Languages aims to improve the quality in all the educational activities in accordance with the aims below;
  1. To provide educational activities for students to improve their academic knowledge and skills that they need.
  2. To increase the standards of teaching and evaluation.
  3. To develop student and teacher self-control.
  4. To develop school management systems.
  5. To increase the facilities of professional development.
  6. To provide quality assurance.
  7. To ensure that the academic, administrative staff and the students take an active role in quality assurance processes