Basic English Course

With the cooperation of School of Foreign Languages and Continuing Education Center, “Basic English Course” is provided for 3rd-grade primary school students.
“Basic English Course for 3rd Grade Students” is held by the School of Foreign Languages and Continuing Education Center in our university. 3rd-grade primary school students are being prepared for the future in the course, one week of which has already been carried out by Instructor Şirin Oral. The students enjoy learning English and reinforcing what they have learned before as well as getting lessons in the campus environment. All types of listening, speaking, writing and reading activities are realized in the course in which “Oxford University Press: Teen2Teen One Student Book” is used as the book. Also, the students have the opportunity to learn English with extracurricular activities.
Our rector Prof. Dr. Orhan Uzun expressed that newly-founded School of Foreign Languages provides support for the university to educate more qualified students and added that all units in our university make an effort to provide support for the region to develop.
Rector Uzun said “people with high standards of education background, knowing at least one foreign language and following the trends in the world is one step ahead for getting a job both in private and state sectors. There is an expectation for the universities to graduate the students appropriate for this need. At this point, along with the School of Foreign Languages being established, there is an effort for our students to learn English effectively with a quality of education. Also, we work through to provide support for the future of our region with the help of all units in our university. We ensure that everyone is ready for the future that is waiting for them from an early age and we add value to the future of our country thanks to the activities we carry out within the university.
Rector Uzun laid emphasis on the fact that newly-founded School of Foreign Languages supports the development of the region and said “I would like to express my gratitude to our president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in particular, and Prof. Dr. M. A. Yekta Saraç, the president of the council of education, and to all ministers of Turkey for providing support for the establishment of the School of Foreign Languages. Likewise, I would like to thank our governor Sinan Güner and deputy Yılmaz Tunç to promote the establishment of the school and all the provincial administrators, non-governmental organizations representatives and the representatives of the political parties for their support.
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