Foreign Language Certificate Awarded to Tourism Management Students

Within the scope of 56 hours of Professional English II-IV and Vocational Foreign Language II courses, students of Bartın University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of Tourism Management and Bartın Vocational School (BMYO) Tourism and Hotel Management Program received foreign language certificate of achievement.
The ESP online application from Stockholm / Sweden was integrated as an innovative teaching method to foreign language courses. Students who succeeded in the course were happy to receive a Certificate of Achievement.
Lecturer Akif Gökçe stated that this application, which is carried out in coordination with the course, has an international professional content for each unit of hotel management and includes 14 different units, and “Attending face-to-face classes, participating in the lectures and fulfilling the exam obligation Students who achieved 85% or more success were entitled to receive their certificates. I believe that these QR coded and internationally valid certificates have a supporting role in the sectoral development of our students.”
Students who received their certificates at the end of the term expressed their satisfaction with having a certificate at the same time as part of their compulsory vocational English course.
  • Foreign Language Certificate Awarded to Tourism Management Students

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